Earn Prizes at Fribiz.com

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Fribiz is a social marketplace, where you can win real and exciting products. When you register, you will get 10,000 virtual credits called "fribiz." You can use this fribiz to place bids on open auctions. If you are the highest bidder, then the product will be yours.

There are so many ways in which you can earn fribiz. Inviting friends is one way in which you get 10,000 fribiz when you refer other people, 1,000 fribiz when your referrals refer others, and 100 fribiz when these people refer someone. Participating in an auction at fribiz also give you additional credits. Every time you lose an auction, they actually give you your bid back plus compensation percentage. For example, when you have placed a bid of 60,000 Fribiz on a HTC TOUCH PRO Smart-phone auction that offers 15% compensation and you didn't win, you will get the 60,000 fribiz plus 9,000 fribiz just for making the effort. Another way of earning fribiz is by participating their weekly challenge.

When you join fribiz, you need to have a facebook account. Some of the prizes that are currently open for auction include:

Apple iPad 16GB
$25 Nike Gift Card
$25 StubHub! Gift Card
$25 eBay Gift Card

and many more........

Get Paid To Post: myLot.com

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myLot is an online forum that pays you to start a discussion, post comments, or even search something using their new-and-improved myLot search. The site has discussions across all different subjects and categories. I came accross many "get paid to" programs but mylot stood out from others because of the quality of discussions found in this site.

Many people have earned money at this site. At myLot, you can earn more money when you post something that is relevant to the topic and not the typical one line responses. Putting relevant images to your post also help you earn more. To top it off, you can earn 25% of the earnings from your referrals. In addition, you can get a myLot reward when you use their myLot search. However, you have to use myLot Search box the same way you use Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. You will get paid monthly once you reach the $10 minimum payout through Paypal.

How To Earn Money With Twitter

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Are you familar with Google Adsense? I believe most of us already knows how Google Adsense works. The concept in Google Adsense is similar in Mylikes. However, instead of using your website to place Google ads, Twitter is used in Mylikes. Once you tweet a sponsored like and someone clicks on it, you will earn from it. If you have many followers in Twitter, take advantage of this. Become a member and you will, for sure, earn money from this.

So how does it works? You just create sponsored likes for advertisers/sponsors that you like, post them on Twitter and/or embed it to your Blog. You will get paid per click and your cost-per-click is set constantly adjusted based on how influential you are and how relevant your likes are. Also, when you refer other people with more than 100 friends, you will get $2 referral bonus, $4 when your referral has more than 500 followers.

Increase Your Web Site Traffic Through Easyhits4U

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Most of us bloggers want to increase our website traffic. But for some newbies, they don't know how to do it. One easiest way to increase your Web site traffic is using these traffic exchanges.

So what is these traffic exchanges? A traffic exchange is a type of website that provides a service for webmasters in exchange of traffic. This is how traffic exchanges works: You view other people's sites to gain credits, display your banners, or place your text ads. This in turn allows you to promote your site to a much larger audience.


EasyHits4U is one of the popular traffic exchanges. To date, it has more than 270,000 members, so imagine the traffic it will bring to your website. For every site you visit at EasyHits4U, you will recieve one visitor back to your site. EasyHits4U rewards members with cash and additional traffic for being active at this traffic exchange. You will receive $0.30 for every 1,000 sites viewed. But that's not all. When you refer people to EasyHits4U using its promotional materials, you will get 10% of the traffic they generate. You will also receive hits from members they refer--up to 6 levels.

How To Earn From Social Networking Sites!

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Most of us didn't know that social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, are making millions of Dollars from our actions and keep all the money for themselves. Well, there are some social networks wherein you can earn money every month just for doing what you are already doing in Facebook or MySpace.

PeopleString is a social network the pays you to do the things you are already doing in a social networking site. The site shares the revenues that are generated by its members. Signing up for your PeopleString account is free. After you sign up, take a short survey because this will position you to share in revenue. As long as you are an active member, you get paid.

Any one from any country can join PeopleString. However, the MailBox Cash Box section is for the US members only. It will only become active when there are enough members from that specific country. Members can still earn money from People dollars, people shopping, people points, and refer a friend--paying you up to six levels deep.

Just like PeopleString, YourNight is also a social networks that pays you when your referrals shop (1% for basic members; 2.5% for gold members) or when your referrals upgraded to a Gold Memberships--paying you a monthly residual commissions of $2.00 per referral on the first level and $0.50 for level 2 to level 6. The cost of uprading to Gold Membership is $10/month.

Update: site is no longer available!


CloudCrowd -- Get Paid To One Of Facebook's Application

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Some of us are spending too much time in Facebook. What we don't know is that we can actually earn money from your Facebook account. Of course, you have to make some effort to get paid.

Cloudcrowd is a Facebook application in which you can earn money by working on different task that needs to be done. There are so many jobs being offred here and you can choose from a simple to a complex job. Each task has its own corresponding prices and duration. Of course, simple tasks pays you lower and complex/difficult task pays you higher. Each correct task will increase your credibity score. You must keep your credibility score high to be able to continue working on Cloudcrowd. You can gain an access to their wider range of work when you take tasks correctly.

Cloudcrowd pays you the next day, except Saturdays and Sundays, through Paypal.

Everybody loves to play online games. Unlike others, Dungeons & Treasures pays you to play. It offers all the usual features and is played completely within your browser so no downloads are required. The game is so simple that you only have to collect golds and attack monster inside the dungeons. At the end of the month, all your collected golds are converted into US dollars. Once you reach the minimum payout ($10), you can cashout using the available payment processors: Paypal and Check (you can cashout with check once you reach your balance to $20.). Usually, the conversion is $1 for every 400,000-500,000 golds. The more you play the more gold you will aquire and the larger your payment will be. If you want to earn more golds, you can always refer your friends (up to 3 levels deep). There are also other contests in which you can earn additional golds.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to play this online game:

1. Go to Shops. Click on the Weapon shop to purchase the strongest weapon your gold can buy. Also, go to the potion shop to buy healing potions.

2. After buying weapons, go to "My Equipment" to equip you with all your purchased weapons and potions.

3. Go to "Tavern" to begin looking for a dungeon to explore. Enter that dungeon, explore, seek gold, and destroy or capture monsters.

4. Click on the map--located at the lower right of the screen--to see if you explore the entire dungeon. The shaded portions are the closed doors that can be opened once you get the key--you can get the key while exploring the dungeon.

5. Sometimes your weapon will break while attacking a monster. If this happen, exit the dungeon by clicking on the "back to the entrance" button located at the lower left of the screen (just below the "life" button). Go to the weapon shop to have it repaired.

6. After you have explore the dungeons, go to the "Chests Room" to open chests using all the Treasure key you have found in the dungeon. Click on whatever available key you got. Then click on one of the 4 treasure chests to win random amount of gold.

7. Go to "My Character" and distribute your available points to increase your Attack, Defense or Ruse etc.

To earn additional gold:

*Scroll down and click on "Treasure hunt". Then click on "Have my free box of the day". Then click on "Play the Free treasure hunt". Click on the light shaded space on the map to win random amount of gold or treasure key.

*Visit the Temple for 4 days in a row to win random amount of Gold.

*Explore the site for more contests and bonuses.

To join, just click HERE