Get Paid To Post:

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myLot is an online forum that pays you to start a discussion, post comments, or even search something using their new-and-improved myLot search. The site has discussions across all different subjects and categories. I came accross many "get paid to" programs but mylot stood out from others because of the quality of discussions found in this site.

Many people have earned money at this site. At myLot, you can earn more money when you post something that is relevant to the topic and not the typical one line responses. Putting relevant images to your post also help you earn more. To top it off, you can earn 25% of the earnings from your referrals. In addition, you can get a myLot reward when you use their myLot search. However, you have to use myLot Search box the same way you use Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. You will get paid monthly once you reach the $10 minimum payout through Paypal.


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