Earn Prizes at Fribiz.com

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Fribiz is a social marketplace, where you can win real and exciting products. When you register, you will get 10,000 virtual credits called "fribiz." You can use this fribiz to place bids on open auctions. If you are the highest bidder, then the product will be yours.

There are so many ways in which you can earn fribiz. Inviting friends is one way in which you get 10,000 fribiz when you refer other people, 1,000 fribiz when your referrals refer others, and 100 fribiz when these people refer someone. Participating in an auction at fribiz also give you additional credits. Every time you lose an auction, they actually give you your bid back plus compensation percentage. For example, when you have placed a bid of 60,000 Fribiz on a HTC TOUCH PRO Smart-phone auction that offers 15% compensation and you didn't win, you will get the 60,000 fribiz plus 9,000 fribiz just for making the effort. Another way of earning fribiz is by participating their weekly challenge.

When you join fribiz, you need to have a facebook account. Some of the prizes that are currently open for auction include:

Apple iPad 16GB
$25 Nike Gift Card
$25 StubHub! Gift Card
$25 eBay Gift Card

and many more........


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