How To Earn From Social Networking Sites!

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Most of us didn't know that social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, are making millions of Dollars from our actions and keep all the money for themselves. Well, there are some social networks wherein you can earn money every month just for doing what you are already doing in Facebook or MySpace.

PeopleString is a social network the pays you to do the things you are already doing in a social networking site. The site shares the revenues that are generated by its members. Signing up for your PeopleString account is free. After you sign up, take a short survey because this will position you to share in revenue. As long as you are an active member, you get paid.

Any one from any country can join PeopleString. However, the MailBox Cash Box section is for the US members only. It will only become active when there are enough members from that specific country. Members can still earn money from People dollars, people shopping, people points, and refer a friend--paying you up to six levels deep.

Just like PeopleString, YourNight is also a social networks that pays you when your referrals shop (1% for basic members; 2.5% for gold members) or when your referrals upgraded to a Gold Memberships--paying you a monthly residual commissions of $2.00 per referral on the first level and $0.50 for level 2 to level 6. The cost of uprading to Gold Membership is $10/month.

Update: site is no longer available!


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