Is CloudCrowd Scam or Legit?

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CloudCrowd provides online jobs for those who want to make money using their computer. Because CloudCrowd is a facebook application, you can access it using, of course, your facebook account. What I like best about CloudCrowd is that it offers very simple tasks and you get paid the next business day through paypal.

I've been a member of CloudCrowd since June 2010. I can tell you that it is legit and you can really make money by doing different tasks. Below are the payments I received from CloudCrowd for doing--ONLY--a very simple tasks.


Odesk: Outsourcing and Freelancing Solution

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The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Outsourcing, the trend of contracting jobs to a third-party where labor is more cheap, gave way for the creation of various online services that are designed to create a marketplace where employers and freelance workers can connect. And Odesk is one of these companies in which potential employers and contractors can contact with each other.

Today, Odesk is the largest and fastest-growing marketplace for online work. It enables employers post jobs and hire someone and for contractors to do online work in web design, graphic design, computer programming, article writing, data entry, among others.

For those who are looking for homebased jobs, Odesk is right for you. You can find many jobs in here. From web design, to bookkeeping jobs, to article writing, you can definitelty find a job that suits your qualification. For employers, you can find many efficient and effective contractors to do the job for you at a lower cost. You can pay them on hourly basis or you can set the job at a fixed rate.

Earn Income At

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I found this site called Kooday, which is launching a search engine. If this Kooday becomes successful, it will be the latest search engine to break into the Internet. Not only you can do searches on this site just like what you do with Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines, but you can also earn an income if you become a member.

Here is the 5 reasons why you should join Kooday NOW:

1. Joining Kooday allows you to own keywords that other search engines won't allow us. This means that when you own keywords, you will earn money in your account.

2. When you advertise with other companies, they don't allow payment after you see the results. At Kooday, they allow people to place their Ads and pay them the subscription rate after trying it out for 1 month.

3. Other search engines do not pay its members but here in Kooday, members will get free profit-share-credits when you are active with Kooday.

4. When you refer others about Kooday, you will receive commissions. Also, when keywords are purchased or websites are linked, you get paid.

5. Kooday will pay you a bonus When you own a popular keywords.

If you ever wanted to participate in something very unique, then Kooday is a must to join!

Update: Turned Scam!