Everybody loves to play online games. Unlike others, Dungeons & Treasures pays you to play. It offers all the usual features and is played completely within your browser so no downloads are required. The game is so simple that you only have to collect golds and attack monster inside the dungeons. At the end of the month, all your collected golds are converted into US dollars. Once you reach the minimum payout ($10), you can cashout using the available payment processors: Paypal and Check (you can cashout with check once you reach your balance to $20.). Usually, the conversion is $1 for every 400,000-500,000 golds. The more you play the more gold you will aquire and the larger your payment will be. If you want to earn more golds, you can always refer your friends (up to 3 levels deep). There are also other contests in which you can earn additional golds.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to play this online game:

1. Go to Shops. Click on the Weapon shop to purchase the strongest weapon your gold can buy. Also, go to the potion shop to buy healing potions.

2. After buying weapons, go to "My Equipment" to equip you with all your purchased weapons and potions.

3. Go to "Tavern" to begin looking for a dungeon to explore. Enter that dungeon, explore, seek gold, and destroy or capture monsters.

4. Click on the map--located at the lower right of the screen--to see if you explore the entire dungeon. The shaded portions are the closed doors that can be opened once you get the key--you can get the key while exploring the dungeon.

5. Sometimes your weapon will break while attacking a monster. If this happen, exit the dungeon by clicking on the "back to the entrance" button located at the lower left of the screen (just below the "life" button). Go to the weapon shop to have it repaired.

6. After you have explore the dungeons, go to the "Chests Room" to open chests using all the Treasure key you have found in the dungeon. Click on whatever available key you got. Then click on one of the 4 treasure chests to win random amount of gold.

7. Go to "My Character" and distribute your available points to increase your Attack, Defense or Ruse etc.

To earn additional gold:

*Scroll down and click on "Treasure hunt". Then click on "Have my free box of the day". Then click on "Play the Free treasure hunt". Click on the light shaded space on the map to win random amount of gold or treasure key.

*Visit the Temple for 4 days in a row to win random amount of Gold.

*Explore the site for more contests and bonuses.

To join, just click HERE


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